She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

Sunday, May 16, 2021


 The old phrase "I didn't see that coming" would be perfectly applicable for the running of the Preakness Stakes yesterday at Pimlico. 

With all the discussion of Baffert's horses, bourbon at Midnight and .such, it was a nice move by ROMBAUER,  who went unnoticed for the most part at 11-1 and came roaring down the stretch to run by MEDINA SPIRIT and MIDNIGHT BOURBON to take the middle jewel of the Triple Crown. I looked at using him and decided against it....putting Crowded Trade and Risk Taking in front of him in my analysis of the race.

He showed my thinking and handicapping to be in error. 

On the day I looked at Pimlico Races 10-13 for my Paulie Picks. I gave out 20 horses I thought might hit the board. Out of those, 10 of them "hit the board" for a 50% "in the money" percentage.  I filled 10 of the 12 available "money spots" in those races -- for a 83% success rate. I played a Pick 4, and two Pick 3's in the sequence and lost just a little overall -- we'll look at that in a little bit. 

It wasn't a "local jockey makes good" day at Pimlico. Imports in to ride for the Preakness Card won the final ten races at Pimlico. 

RACE 10 -- My "also use" pick in the race, FIRECROW (9-1) outran them all in the Turf Sprint. I also had THE CRITICAL WAY for second and COMPLETED PASS for third. If you a trifecta player, you could have boxed the five in a .50 trifecta box for $30 and got $83.55 in the payout. 

RACE 11 -- It was SPECIAAL RESERVE (7/2), another of my "also use" picks that got to the wire first. That kept me alive in the first Pick Three and the Pick 4. I also gave you STRIKE POWER, who ran second.

RACE 12 -- SOMELIKEITHOTBROWN (5/2) finished in front of TALK OR LISTEN and  MISNIGHT TEA TIME and i gave all all three of those in my picks. That resulted in a Pick 3 that paid $257.10 (on the .50 cent wager) and a .50 trifecta that was worth $196.70. 

RACE 13 -- ROMBAUER (11-1) was the best in the Preakness, and my picks MEDINA SPIRIT and MIDNIGHT BOURBON ran second and third.  

If you included "the moderately priced California White Zinfadel" (which is what the horse was named for) in what you wagered, you got a Pick 3 that paid $179.80, a Pick 4 that was worth $2797.60 and a trifecta returning $81.35. 


So, on the day's wagering at Pimlico, I waged a total of $275 on the sequence and got back $257.10,,,for a loss of about $17-18 dollars.

 It would have been a good day to "tri box" --- an investment of $120 would have returned $360. Congratulations to my "pal" who does that with my picks. 

The controversy will continue to swirl about whether the "beta potata" Baffert has to juggle cot Medina Spirit the Preakness. As for me, I'll just accept the run in Baltimore for what it was -- two speed horse went out, led most of the way, but got caught by a closer. it happens all the time in horse racing. 

We'll see ya next week. 



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