She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

Sunday, December 25, 2016


From all of us at Handicapping Heroes to All of you...


(Click the link below to hear the late, great ART CARNEY get down
with it. His classic version of The Night Before Christmas.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Information on Santa Anita

Hi, all! I was doing some research on the opening of Santa Anita on the day after Christmas and ran across this very interesting article on tips for betting Santa Anita. We can all use handicapping help, let's face it, so read and see if these tips would be helpful to you . Enjoy!!

The downhill turf course at Santa Anita is about as unique of a configuration as you will find in the States.
It is important to remember that using the form from turf sprints at Del Mar or outside of the region can be dangerous. Most of those races are at shorter distances and require much less stamina to get to the wire first.
Also, post-positions in these events play a much greater role than in most races. Horses that draw inside, especially along the rail, are at a distinct disadvantage going down the hill. If you can make a clear lead from the inside or if it is a small field than perhaps it can work out okay, but most of the races involve full fields and horses that draw outside with tactical speed often get the best trip.
Finding horses that have already shown form down the hill is highly recommended. If runners have yet to try the hill, I recommend landing on those that are cutting back in distance, as these races tend to play more like a mile than five-furlong affairs.
If you are a horizontal player, invest in the Players’ Pick 5
Santa Anita Park has a takeout of 20% for their Daily Double pool and 23.68% for the Pick 3, Pick 4 and Pick 6 pools, but the Players’ Pick 5 that commences in Race 1 each day is appealing because of its low 14% takeout rate.
The wager also is fan friendly because it can be played in fifty-cent increments. It is not difficult to cover several horses in each race without spending a fortune.
It is by far by favorite way to play cards at Santa Anita Park and therefore attracts a large portion of my daily bankroll.
Do not try to get too creative in bottom level maiden claimers.
When I first started concentrating primarily on Santa Anita Park as a professional horseplayer, I used to try to get creative in the low level maiden races because most of the favorites look so poor on paper. However, I found out rather quickly this was not a good approach even though in most cases the top choices had failed to win several times at the level.
With much experience under my belt, I now suggest keying in on one or two of the favorites that are likely to be prominently placed early and searching for value elsewhere in horizontal sequences. These animals generally do not like to pass late at Santa Anita Park unless those on the lead totally stop.
Search for value and spread deeper in grass races
Data in 2015 and 2016 from races run at Santa Anita Park suggest that post-time favorites are less likely to win in turf races than dirt races.
In 2015, 31.3% of post-time favorites won races over the lawn, while slightly under 38% won dirt races. In 2016, the trend continued with 27.4% of post-time favorites winning turf races, while 35.9% were won by post-time favorites on the main track.
This makes it clear that in the long run a horseplayer at Santa Anita Park, much like many other venues, is better off searching for price plays in grass races and pointing towards more logical runners in those over the dirt. Obviously with favorites still only winning slightly over one-third of the races over the main track it is still wise to search for value, but the data over the past two years certainly carries some meaning with it.
Take note of the rails being out on the turf course.
Some turf courses are more affected by the rails being out on given days than others. At Santa Anita, like Del Mar, the rail being out to protect the inside of the course has a significant impact on the outcome of the event.
I recommend including this information in your daily trip notes because in most cases speed horses become much more dangerous when the rails are out and late runners are forced to make significantly wider moves.
If you keep track diligently over the extended meet, you are likely to find more than a few value options that had little chance with the rails out in his or her last start and appear a bit hopeless on paper. However, your notes will suggest to you that they will be in with a much greater chance the next time they race when the temporary rails are not in use.
Track biases
Santa Anita is often considered to have a speed favoring main track. There are certainly times this is true. Many point back to the 2013 Breeders’ Cup, but even the final few weeks of the 2016 fall meeting illustrate that it was a huge advantage to be within a few lengths of the lead before turning for home. However, this is not always the case. There are certainly days/weeks when the track plays fair or is conducive to late runners. Make sure to take good notes and not to jump to any conclusions before labeling the track as speed favoring. It could easily be the difference between winning and losing.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Here is the annual Christmas letter my wife and I send each year. I hope
all of our Handicapping Heroes friends and readers have a great Christmas
and New Year! 


A year of changes and developments. The biggest news is actually from 2015. 
Sonya's mom passed away on 12/21/15 after losing her battle to pulmonary 
It was a sad story...seeing this decline in a woman who had always been so 
strong and independent. 
We remain, dealing with the affairs of estate and properties. We are going 
through 50+ years of accumulations and memories. Somedays, it is not easy. 
I'm 60 now and seem to be busier than when I was in the "working world" 
Not hardly. Between two websites, several weekly radio appearances on a couple 
of different radio stations and close involvement with the University of 
Louisville's women's athletic department I stay busy. That, and being recently elected 
vice-president of Sportsmen's Supper Club, the daily tasks of our house and Amy's...
I haven't slowed down a bit. I suppose that's good...I haven't retired to the rocker and 
racetrack yet but somedays that sounds awfully good. 
Sonya is still part of the Fern Creek Elementary custodial staff. They recently 
got a new principal and her life isn't as stressed. The work remains hard but she's 
blessed with good co-workers and a boss that listens instead of criticizes. She expanded 
her landscaping hobbies by taking on the task of creating a native-plant garden in 
front of the school. Many long hours/weekends filled with working the soil, planting, 
landscaping and planning. We'll see the results this spring. I imagine it will be beautiful. 
She also is busy with the estate. Still going strong at 59...she has much more energy 
than I it seems and still keeps that beautiful smile and inquisitive nature that I love so much. 
Anita remains busy with family and work in California. So does Gary in Boca 
Raton. We think of them often. 
So...we continue on. Each day a new experience. Full of bright possibilities and 
the occasional disappointment or setback. Forward is the direction, though, and 
positive the outlook and guiding directive. 
Wishing you the best of holidays and a great 2017! 
Paulie and Sonya.

We'll see you in March for our handicapping columns and show///plus occasion entries like this! 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Results from 11/26/16 -- HANDICAPPING HEROES

The Handicappers tackled the Late pick four at Churchill Downs Saturday (Races 9-12) and had some success. With Archie taking the final week off...the Big L stepped in and actually beat Paul and Scott.

Let's have a look...

SCOTT gave us his top four in the four races and eight got paid...for a 50% accuracy. Scott had three winners, three places and two shows. He also had two exactas. Scott had the late pick three as well. Unfortunately -- his best bet, value play fell short and his top jock for the sequence didn't get any wins. SCORE SCOTT OUT AT 21 for the races...a third place finish

THE BIG L lined up 16 runners for the four races and eight of those finished in the top three for 50% also. Three winners, four places and a show...three exactas and the late pick three also. His top jock, Brian Hernandez Sr. got a win but His best bet and value play didn't. THE BIG L tales the title for Saturday with 34 points. 

PAULIE played as well...only six of his sixteen got on the board for a 37.5% rate in the money ratio. Paulie had two winners, and four seconds. Two exactas for Paulie. His top jock, Robby Albarado had a win...but the top pick and value play did not win. PAULIE settles for second today with 28 points. 

Thus ends this sequence for the year for Handicapping Heroes. The handicappers will be back to provide picks for Keeneland in the spring. Check back we plan on doing a few things over the winter. 

A special thanks to Scott Harris and Archie Karel for providing their selections. Thanks to Spanky, the Bicker Picker, the Big L and Churchill Downs for their participation. Also, thanks to Crescent Hill Radio for airing the show. 

Link for 11/26/16 broadcast:  HANDICAPPING HEROES 11/26

We'll see ya in the spring with more handicapping! 


Friday, November 25, 2016

Selections for 11/26/16 -- HANDICAPPING HEROES

Today we switch up the Handicappers a bit...with Archie out of town...the "Big L" steps in to challenge Scott Harris. Paulie also tries his hand at the late Pick 4 at Churchill. 

This will be the final handicaping selection post until Keeneland opens in the spring of 2017. We appreciate you following us and make sure to listen to the
show on WCHQ 100.0 FM or online at Saturday at noon! 


Race 9 -- 1/16th miles -- The Goldenrod (GR II) 200,000

(2) Ever So Clever -- Chased the (9) here last out. Came back a winner
(12) Lovely Bernadette -- Three in a row winner. Will be tested today
(9) Daddy's Lil Darling -- Won the Pocahontis at CD in September.
(8) Fun -- Ran second to Daddy's Lil Darlin in the Alcibiad here in Oct. 

Race 10 -- 1 mile -- Optional Claiming $75,000

(9) Guest Suite -- Drops in Class after stakes tries
(4) Chief Know It All -- Solid thirds last two times out
(8) Resiliency -- Should like the longer distance today
(11) Nice Not Nice -- Calvin Borel pilots this longshot. 

Race 11 -- Kentucky Jockey Club (GR II) $200,000

(11) McCracken -- Swept them off their feet in Street Sense at CD
(3) Wild Shot -- Must respect Lanerie on this one at this distance
(5) Silent Decree -- Stands a chance at 15-1 with Geroux riding
(12) Uncontested -- Will have work to do but won by six at Keeneland

Race 12 -- Maiden Special Weight $58,000

(2) Local Hero -- Second in debut. Catches weaker today
(4) Ladakh -- First time starter working well 
(1) Hollow Point -- Ran third behind monster McCracken
(12) Ouenienny -- Another first-timer that has impressive works

SCOTT'S BEST BET:  (4) Chief Know it All -- 10th race
SCOTT'S VALUE PLAY:  (4) Ladakh -- 12th race
SCOTT'S TOP JOCK:  Corey Lanerie



Race 9 

(9) Daddy's Lil Darling
(12) Lovely Bernadette
(8) Fun
(2) Ever So Clever

Race 10

(12) Looking At Blessing
(9) Guest Suite
(8) Resiliency
(1) Giant Payday

Race 11 

(11) McCracken
(3) Wild Shot
(6) Just Move On
(12) Uncontested

Race 12

(2) Local Hero
(1) Hollow Point
(12) Ouenienny
(7) Flash Harry

BIG L's Best bet:  (2) Local Hero -- 12th race
BIG L's Value Play: (12) Quenienny -- 12th Race
BIG L's Top Jock: Brian Hernandez, Jr.



Race 9 

(12) Lovely Bernadette
(9) Daddy's Lil Darlin
(8) Fun
(4) My Sweet Stella

Race 10 

(1) Giant Payday
(8) Resiliency
(12) Lookin At Blessing
(2) Senor Guitar

Race 11 

(3) Wild Shot
(11) McCracken
(1) Han Sense
(12) Uncontested

Race 12 

(1) Hollow Point
(2) Local Hero
(5) Kid From New York
(3) Combat Controller

PAULIE'S Best Best: (3) Wild Shot -- Race 11
PAULIE'S Value Play: (8) Fun -- Race 9
PAULIE's Top Jock : Robby Albarado




Sunday, November 20, 2016

Results from Saturday 11/19/16 -- HANDICAPPING HEROES

The Handicappers took on the late Pick 4 at Churchill Downs Saturday and
had some nice successes. Let's see how they did! 

SCOTT HARRIS had 16 horses to consider and out of those he provided
eight who got paid for a nice 50% in the money handicapping. He had three winners, three seconds and two shows. Scott also provided two exactas and a trifecta (the trifecta paid over $500 !!). Scott also lined out the pick 3 for races 8-10 which paid $130. Unfortunately, his best bet of the day, value play of the day and top jock in the sequence didn't score. SCOTT 24 points on the day. 

PAULIE looked to defend his four-peat and also offered 16 horses. Six of his made money for 37% in the money. Paulie had one winner, four seconds and a third. Paulie also had an exacta. His best bet and value play did not score but his top jock Shaun Bridgmohan did win in the sequence on Cash Control. PAULIE also totals 24 points on the day.

ARCHIE KAREL looked at the four race sequence and had a hard time narrowing it down to 16 horses. Seven of his did hit the board for 43%. Archie had two winners, three places and two shows. Archie also gave you a exacta. His best bet of the day did not quite get there, nor did his value play...but Shaun Bridghoman Archie takes the day with 26 points. 


Scott takes the Handicapping challenge with 213 points over Archie's 181. With Archie out next week, we'll find a guest Handicapper (maybe Spanky?) to challenge Scott and I. 


If you missed the live broadcast...catch the replay at the link below: 


Friday, November 18, 2016

Selections for 11/19 --- HANDICAPPING HEROES

The Handicappers are taking on the late Pick 4 at Churchill Downs on Saturday and have some great picks for you!! Let's get it started! 

SCOTT HARRIS GETS US STARTED. He, Spanky, Archie and Paulie joined forces to try and take down yesterday's late Pick 4...but got nosed out halfway through on a price horse. So it goes... 

Race 8  Opt. Claiming $62,500 1 1/16 miles. 

(6) Cherry Wine. Preakness runner looking to rebound
(3) Papa Zulu May provide a price with Bridgmohan on top
(7) Goats Town. Been very sharp lately. Watch the board.
(4) Dazzling Gem Puts on the blinkers. Jersey Joe takes the ride.

Race 9  Bet on Sunshine Stakes $80,000 6 Furlongs

(6) Alsvid. Loves Churchill. 
(3) Recount. Landeros rides. He's been on fire.
(4) Holy Boss. Could be the favorite
(9) Island Town. Looking for a price here

Race 10  Cardinal Handicap. Grade 3 $100,000 1 1/8 miles (Turf)

(12) Cash Control He likes the Churchill Turf
(11) Lots O' Lex. A huge price if he can get there.
(5) Kitten's Roar. Must respect at this distance
(9) Heath. Joe Johnson gets on board for a reason? 

Race 11 Claiming $5,000 6 1/2 furlongs

(4) E.M. Maximus  Won against similar at Ellis
(2) Trident Hero. Figures to be close at the wire
(7) Montezuma Express. Will probably be the betting favorite
(1) Salute The Music. Indiana shipper gets the rail. Beware. 

SCOTT'S Best Bet -- (6) Alsvid -- Race 9
SCOTT'S Value Play -- (11) Lots O Lex -- Race 10
SCOTT's Top Jock -- Corey Lanerie 


ARCHIE KAREL sends his picks to us right before leaving for the
Bahamas. We're pretty sure he didn't pay for the trip with his handicapping profits...but he had some very interesting picks for us

Race 8 

(6) Cherry Wine
(2) Archanova
(4) Dazzling Gem
(3) Papa Zulu

Race 9 

(4) Holy Boss
(6) Alsvid
(1) W.B. Smudge
(9) Island Town

Race 10 

(5) Kitten's Roar
(1) Real Smart
(12) Cash Control
(10) Samala

Race 11

(4) E.M. Maximus
(7) Montezuma Express
(8) Ice Cream Truck
(2) Trident Hero

Archie's Best Bet -- (4) Holy Boss -- Race 9
Archie's Value Play -- (3) Papa Zulu -- Race 8
Archie's Top Jock -- Shaun Bridgmohan


Paulie looks to continue his mastery over the boys with his fifth straight

Race 8 

(7) Goats Town
(6) Cherry Wine
(4) Dazzling Gem
(1) Kismet's Heels

Race 9 

(6) Alsvid
(4) Holy Boss
(1) W.B. Smudge
(9) Island Town

Race 10 

(5) Kitten's Roar
(1) Real Smart
(3) Complete St.
(2) Annulment

Race 11

(4) E.M. Maximus
(7) Montezuma's Express
(2) Trident Hero
(6) Mr. Unanonymous

Paulie's Best Bet -- (6) Alsvid -- Race 9
Paulie's Value Play -- (10) Samala -- Race 10
Paulie's Top Jock -- Shaun Bridghoman 

If you missed the live broadcast, here's the link to the replay below:

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Results from 11/12/16 -- HANDICAPPING HEROES

The Handicappers took on a challenging late Pick 4 at Churchill Downs Saturday and had mixed results. Let's see how they (and Paulie) did with their picks: 

SCOTT HARRIS laid out sixteen horses and the reasons why he thought they might make money. Out of those, four did for a so-so 25% success rate. Scott had a winner and three seconds. He also hit one exacta. His value play did hit and his best jock of the sequence won a give Scott a total of 31 points on the day.

ARCHIE KAREL offered 15 horses and four of them returned money. A 26.6% in the money rate for the Arch also. He had no winners, two places and a third. No exactas for Arch. He failed to score on his best bet, value play or best jock of the day. Archie finished with 7 points Saturday

PAULIE played along as well. Five of his sixteen made money...for a 31.25% on the board percentage. He had two winners, two places and a show. He also added an exacta. His value play was the same as was his top jock of the he got points there. PAULIE wins again this week with 33 points. 

In the points battle...SCOTT boosted his lead to 189-155...Paulie won his fourth straight week against the Handicappers.

To hear yesterday's show the link:


Friday, November 11, 2016

Handicapping Heroes -- Picks for 11/12/16

The Handicappers tackle the final four at Churchill Saturday...races 8-11...which also make up the late Pick 4. 

ARCHIE KAREL gets us started. 

RACE 8 -- Maiden Special Weight -- Six Furlongs

(10) Crack On
(7) Lenstar
(12) Phi Beta Express
(3) Wicked Zar

RACE 9 -- Allowance Optional Claiming -- Six and One Half Furlongs

(2) Speightsong
(6) Grande Shores
(9) Twirling Cinnamon
(1) Crew Man

RACE 10 -- Commonwealth Turf -- Grade II -- Mile and one sixteenth

(3) Blackout
(2) Sir Dudley Digges
(5) Surgical Strike
(1) One Mean Man

RACE 11 -- Maiden Claiming -- Six and One Half Furlongs

(4) Two Putt
(1) Majestic Heir
(7) Heliodoro
(8) After Hours

Archie's Best Bet -- Speightsong
Archie's Value Play -- Twisting Cinnamon
Best Jockey -- Julian Leparoux


PAULIE jumps in with a few selections, also! 

Race Eight

(7) Lenstar
(3) Wicked Zar
(13) Dupree
(8) Petron

(if Dupree does not get in...substitute (10) Crack On)

Race Nine 

(6) Grande Shores
(2) Speightsong
(8) Squadron A
(9) Twirling Cinnamon

Race Ten

(7) One Mean Man
(8) Bondurant
(10) Tizarunner
(2) Sir Dudley Digges

Race Eleven

(8) After Hours
(7) Heliodoro
(12) Midnight's Fantasy
(10) Had To Stop

Paulie's Best Bet -- One Mean Man
Paulie's Value Play -- Petron
Paulie's top Jockey -- Robby Albarado



Race 8 

* (13) Dupree (if he gets in)...If not...(12) Phi Beta Express
(3) Wicked Zar
(8) Petrov
(7) Lenstar

Race 9 

(6) Grande Shores
(9) Twirling Cinnamon
(2) Speightsong
(1) Crewman

Race 10 

(7) One Mean Man
(2) Sir Dudley Digges
(9) Ikerrin Road
(5) Surgical Strike

Race 11 

(6) Set the Trappe
(4) Two Putt
(8) After Hours
(1) Majestic Heir

Scott's Best Best -- One Mean Man
Scott's Value Play -- Petrov
Scott's Top Jockey -- Robby Albarado

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Handicapping Heroes -- Breeder's Cup Weekend Results.

The Handicappers boldly took on the final five races on Breeder's Cup Saturday and the four races on Friday. We'll look at the Saturday results first...

SCOTT HARRIS provided 20 horses to consider in the five race sequence Saturday that started with the BC Juvenile and ended with the Classic. Out of hit the board. A 35% in-the-money for hurrying' Harris. He had two winners, four seconds and a third. He also hit two exactas and a trifecta. His best bet of the day (California Chrome), value play ((Miss Temple City) and best jockey of the sequence (Victor Espinoza) did not come through for him. 



ARCHIE "Lost Soldier" KAREL also gave us 20 runners to ponder. Out of those...10 returned payouts. A nice 50% for "bread boy". He had four winners, four seconds and two thirds. Archie also provided three exactas and two trifectas. He had the Pick Three for races 8-10. His best bet of the day (Limato), value play (Tara's Tango) and best jockey of the sequence (Victor "Punch-in-the-nosa") did not gather any wins.  



PAULIE entered the fray with the fellas this week again. He offered 20 picks he thought could return some money, honey. 10 of his did. 50% for the big guy. Paulie had three winners, five seconds and two thirds. He also had three exactas and two trifectas. His best bet of the day (Tepin) missed. His value play (Tourist) was a winner, though...and his top jock of the sequence (Julian Leparoux) had a win in the five races. 

PAULIE ENDS WITH 53 POINTS ON THE DAY. Good enough to finish first again this week. 


in the Race for First Place...Scott still leads 158-148 but Archie made up some ground. Paulie is moderator and doesn't participate in the points battle. He has, however, defeated the handicappers three weeks in a row now. 

( we're changing the name of the show to "Paulie-capper the Hero" ) 


The Handicappers (and Paulie) also gave you Friday picks on the four Breeder's Cup races. 

SCOTT had three winners and a second. ARCHIE handed out three winners, four seconds and two thirds. PAULIE ended with three winners, two seconds and a third. 


SCOTT had a very good start to Saturday's races...getting a second and third in Race 4, a win and second in Race 5, a win and second in race 6 and a second in Race 7. 

The rebroadcast will be up for review later today. We'll post the link when it is. You can go wait for it, if you want, at


Saturday, November 5, 2016

Archie's Final Five BC Saturday picks -- HANDICAPPING HEROES


The "Bicker death stare"claims another victim. If you're gonna roll
with "Dave-O" bring your wallet and devise an escape plan. 

It's here! The Saturday Breeders Cup. C'mon. Get up and limp back to
the window and recover from yesterday's beating. Scroll to previous days to get Paulie and Scott's picks for these final five races. Archie Karel's for 8-12 below!


(10) Not this Time
(5) Classic Empire
(9) Practical Joke
(7) Gormley


(12) Highland Reel
(10) Found
(4) Flintshire
(5) Ashleyluvssugar


(3) Tara's Tango
(11) Irish Jasper
(2) Haveyougoneaway
(12) Finest City


(10) Limato
(8) Tepin
(9) Ironicus
(4) Miss Temple City


(4) California Chrome
(10) Arrogate
(6) Melatonin
(5) Win the Space

ARCHIE'S BEST BET --(10) Limato in race 11
ARCHIE'S VALUE PLAY --(3) Tara's Tango in race 10

Catch the radio broadcast today at noon on WCHQ 100.9 FM and streaming live on the internet at




Friday, November 4, 2016

Handicapping Heroes -- Archie's Friday Picks and Paulie's Final Three Saturday Selections

With the first day of the two day Breeders Cup extravaganza now upon us...we are coming at ya fast and furious. Be sure to check out the earlier entries this week here at the site and make sure to listen to Handicapping Heroes Saturday at noon for the guys selections in all nine Saturday Breeders Cup races! 

Paulie, Andy, Archie and Spanky

ARCHIE KAREL has provided some of the horses he likes today...beginning in race 6. 


(6) Big Score
(13) Oscar Performance
(5) Made You Look
(1) Lancaster Bomber


(3) Dortmund
(6) Texas Chrome
(7) Runhappy
(9) Gun Runner


(4) Spain Burg
(13) Roly Poly
(14) La Coronal
(9) Cavale Doreo


(1) Songbird
(5) Stellar Wind
(8) Beholder
(6) Forever Unbridled

Archie's Best Bet on Friday -- Songbird (9th race)
Archie's Value Play Friday -- New Money Honey (8th race)
Top Jock in the Sequence -- Javier Castellano


Paulie caught with old buddy Teri to do some handicapping

Paulie's Final Three for Saturday


(10) Wavell Avenue
(2) Haveyougoneaway
(6) By The Moon
(8) Carina Mia


(8) Tepin
(9) Ironicus
(11) Ring Weekend
(5) Tourist


(4) California Chrome
(2) Frosted
(6) Melatonin
(9) Hoppertunity

Paulie's Best Bet -- Tepin (11th race)
Paulie's Value Play --Tourist (11th race)
Paulie's Top Jock in the Sequence -- Julian Leparoux

Thursday, November 3, 2016


Handicapping Heroes expert Scott Harris has checked in with his picks for the Friday and Saturday races. Let's take a look! 

SCOTT HARRIS sends his Friday's races first. You can see his Saturday picks after these... 


(6) Big Score
(12) Rodaoni (Scott's Value play)
(13) Oscar Performance
(5) Made You Look

RACE 7 -- Dirt Mile

(3) Dortmund (Scott's Best Bet of the Day)
(9) Gun Runner
(8) Tamakuz
(7) Runhappy

RACE 8 -- Juvenile Fillies Turf

(7) Intricately
(3) New Money Honey
(1) Hydrangea
(14) La Coronel

RACE 9 -- Distaff

(8) Beholder
(1) Songbird
(5) Stellar Wind
(3) Curalina



RACE 4 -- Juvenile Fillies

(3) Valadorna
(12) American Gal
(9) Union Strike
(11) Daddy's Lil Darling

RACE 5 -- Filly and Mare Turf

(3) Seventh Heaven
(8) Lady Eli
(11) Queen's Trust
(1) Sea Trust

RACE 6 -- Sprint

(2) Drefong
(5) A.P. Indian
(3) Delta Bluesman
(7) Masochistic

RACE 7 -- Turf Sprint

(2) Obviously
(8) Washington DC
(10) Ambitious Brew
(12) Om

RACE 8 -- Juvenile

(7) Gormley
(1) Klimt
(6) Three Rules
(10) Not This Time

Race 9 -- Turf

(12) Highland Reel
(10) Found
(4) Flintshire
(2) Da Big Hoss

Race 10 -- Filly & Mare Sprint

(8) Carina's Mia
(3) Tara's Tango
(6) By The Moon
(2) Have You Gone Away

Race 11 -- Mile

(8) Tepin
(4) Miss Temple City (Scott's Value Play)
(9) Ironicus
(2) Alice Springs

Race 12 -- Classic

(4) California Chrome
(6) Melatonin
(10) Arrogate
(8) Shaman Ghost

(we wish Scott the best of luck on these!) 

Be sure to check tomorrow for Paulie's final Saturday picks and some selections from Archie.


Saturday Breeders Cup...Turf sprint, Juvenile and Turf -- HANDICAPPING HEROES

OK, today I take on the next three in the Saturday Breeders Cup races. The Turf Sprint, Juvenile and Turf. 


(3) Mongolian Saturday . Won it last year. Looked good last out. Repeat! 
(1) Pure Sensation. Has won three in a row and looks ready to go.
(2) Obviously. Freshened and should get a piece of it.
(11) Undrafted. Should bounce back from the Woodford and be a contender.


(9) Practical Joke. No kidding here. 3 for 3 and looked impressive in all. 
(5) Classic Empire. Romped in his three wins and is very dangerous. Include.
(2) Syndergaard. Almost nailed Practical Joke in the Champagne. This time? 
(10) Not This Time. Looked great in CD Iroquois. Maybe this time? 


(10) Found. Never worst than second last eight times out. Finds a win.
(12) Highland Reel. Another Irish shipper for Aiden O'Brien. Exacta?
(4) Flintshire. Three wins and and a second in 2016 says "Yes" to me. 
(6) Mondaliste. Winner of Arlington Million could surprise them all. 

We look at the final three Friday.