She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dancing Madly Backward

Yeah, I know. I haven't updated this blog in awhile. It's been a busy month for UofL Sports and I'm  totally immersed in that, my new job, the return of my older brother to live with us and just shit in general.

I'll address these one at a time. It's my free therapy session to myself.

"Deese is Doctor Ted..."

Our site, CARDINAL COUPLE, is still growing and prospering. Several UofL Coaches have let me know that they read it everyday. I get a lot of site "hits" from the UofL campus. Can't the maintenance staff find...with  a better way to goof off?

We do a lot about women's basketball over at CARDINAL COUPLE. It's been a busy month...with seven games so far and one to go. 5-2 so far and a toughie at USF Wednesday. Injuries continue to
plague the WBB squad...Monique Reid back on the IR with knee issues. Part of the game, but it seems to me that Coach Walz has had to deal with "more than the average bear" when it comes to injured players season in-season out. Only nine games before the BIG EAST Tournament. Here's hoping the nine players left stay healthy and maybe they get one or two back from injured status.


Some of you know that I left the advertising profession a while back. It was a case of too much road travel, overnight stays, declining revenue, continued frustration with corporate policy and demands and just not enjoying what I was doing anymore. The ultimate straw hit the haystack when I was faced with five straight weeks of road travel (Mon thru Fri) when there was Louisville work available to me. I made a stand. We parted ways. Ten years of busting butt and ultimately sodomized. It happens. It hurts, but it happens.

I've accepted a position with ALSAC/St. Jude and it is a world of difference.

All my working life, it seems I've been involved in either selling something or handling materials and promotions for someone selling something. There is no selling in this job. I contact various markets and talk to them about coordinating fundraising events to raise money for children with cancer and critical diseases. It's heartfelt, heart-wrenching at times, sincere and honest. I don't walk out of the office or venue worried or depressed like I have at previous jobs.

I feel good that I'm helping make a difference in the lives of those who cannot go it alone. I can see me doing this a long time, hopefully. And I get to use my "big-boy radio voice"...which everyone compliments me on. So far, so good. Saving lives, finding cures. Not a bad atmosphere to spend a week of working in...


My older brother has retired from teaching in the Arizona Public Schools and has come to visit us here in Kentucky. He packed up his Toyota 4Runner, left his Winnebago parked with friends in Flagstaff, AZ and arrived on a Friday night, unannounced and well after we had gone to sleep.

We turned the second floor of the Sykes estate over to him. We've been "empty nesters" here for a good the adjustment to having an additional body around has been trying at times. He's not sure how long he's staying...but wanted to go from doing nothing in Arizona to doing nothing in Kentucky. Neither of his marriages produced any any hopes of dumping him off on a son or daughter of his don't exist.

He keeps his own hours and seems to sleep a lot. I've told him that if he's going to use electricity, water, internet, trash and eat...he'll be expected to contribute financially for as long as he is here.

He's also full aware of the rules of the house:

1) Sonja rules.
2) Don't piss off Sonja
3) Clean up after yourself
4) If you don't like items 1-3...get in the 4Runner and head back to Arizona.

We'll see. He managed to screw up the Internet, cable TV and toilet in the first 48 hours here.


uessYou know you're getting old when you stop attending friend's weddings and start getting invites to friends' children's weddings.


Despite the loss to Itsmyluckyday in the Grade III Holy Bull Stakes, Shanghai Bobby is still my Derby pick. He ran up against a horse in Itsmyluckyday that set a track record that day for the distance at Gulfstream and finished second. A horse that I don't think can "get" a mile and a quarter.
In my opinion, they shouldn't have taken "Bobby" to the lead. Much too fast a pace. Only a two length loss, though.

You live and learn.

Shanghai Bobby has won five races this year. He goes again, most the Florida Derby on March 30th. and then, hopefully the Derby. 

Until I find something I like better...the Jack Wolf owned, Todd Pletcher trained "Bobby" is my boy.

UPDATE  Shanghai Bobby suffered an injury and has been taken off the Derby Contenders trail.  I guess he'll have to have a seat next to Asia, Tia and Shawnta on the UofL bench. Scary...


Finally, I'm going to vent about driving in traffic.

The Five Things I Wish People Would Do When Operating A Motor Vehicle:

1) Use your turn signals. You may know where you're going (although sometimes I wonder about that) but those behind you and approaching don't. It's a simple flick of the wrist. Do it. The accident you prevent by doing this may be your own.

2) Hang up and drive. No phone call is so important that you have to ignore basic road rules. Pull over if you need to take a call. And if you are texting and driving...well, you're a special kind of stupid, aren't you?

3) Allow some distance. I don't like drivers racing up to read my back bumper when I can't go any faster because of traffic in front of me. I will flick the brakes and scare the crap out of you. I'll flip you the "bird" when you finally pass me. I will kick your ass if I see where you stop.

4) Use your "brights" only when absolutely needed. They can really be aggravating when they hit someone else's rear view mirror. And make it tough to see and drive if you are approaching someone.

5) Gawking. Please don't divert all your attention to a pile-up on the side of the road, cop that has pulled someone over or any other distraction on the side of the road. You aren't a reporter, this isn't Action 11 Special Report and there are people behind you. Use some sense.


Thursday, January 3, 2013


Louisville's stunning win over Florida in the Sugar Bowl. Epic. With that in mind, the top ten "Sugar" songs we can muster:

10. Sugar Magnolia - The Grateful Dead. Bob Weir's raspy vocals and Jerry Garcia's guitar make this one a fun one to listen to. Even if the lyrics are a bit dis-jointed. It is the Dead, after all.

9. Sugar In The Morning - Patty Page. A fun little 50's ditty. Good music for dancing after shots of Woodford. Or to liven up a boring funeral home visitation.

8. Lips Like Sugar - Echo and the Bunnymen. Alt-rockers deliver a great homage to kissing and sound strangely like U2 while doing it. Bono and the Bunnymen?

7. Sugar - Flo Rida. Rapper goes way too fast here for us to understand all that he's trying to say, but the You Tube is worth a look -- for the beautiful women, if nothing else.

6. Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch. - The Four Tops. Classic sing-along from one of my favorite Motown groups. " I can't help myself...I love you and nobody else" pretty much gets the message across.

5. Pour Some Sugar On Me - Def Leppard. The lyrics aren't much here but the guitar work is fantastic. As is true with most Def Leppard songs...

4. No Sugar Tonight - The Guess Who. Burton Cummings had one of those unmistakeable voices that ruled the late 60's and early 70's. "No sugar tonight in my coffee, no sugar tonight in my tea!"

3. Sugar, Sugar - The Archies - Yeah, I'll admit it. I did have a brief "bubble gum" listening phase in my youth. Then, I discovered Jimi Hendrix. Veronica over Betty. Every day of the week.

2. Sugar Mountain - Neil Young. The lyrics mystifying. About cocaine or just growing up? Only Neil knows. " Now you're underneath the stairs. Giving back some glares." (Been there, done that.)

1. Brown Sugar - The Rolling Stones. Mick and the boys mention New Orleans, cathouses and "having all your boyfriends at Sweet Sixteen". Love the saxophone solo and Keith Richards' guitar!