She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Results from 11/26/16 -- HANDICAPPING HEROES

The Handicappers tackled the Late pick four at Churchill Downs Saturday (Races 9-12) and had some success. With Archie taking the final week off...the Big L stepped in and actually beat Paul and Scott.

Let's have a look...

SCOTT gave us his top four in the four races and eight got paid...for a 50% accuracy. Scott had three winners, three places and two shows. He also had two exactas. Scott had the late pick three as well. Unfortunately -- his best bet, value play fell short and his top jock for the sequence didn't get any wins. SCORE SCOTT OUT AT 21 for the races...a third place finish

THE BIG L lined up 16 runners for the four races and eight of those finished in the top three for 50% also. Three winners, four places and a show...three exactas and the late pick three also. His top jock, Brian Hernandez Sr. got a win but His best bet and value play didn't. THE BIG L tales the title for Saturday with 34 points. 

PAULIE played as well...only six of his sixteen got on the board for a 37.5% rate in the money ratio. Paulie had two winners, and four seconds. Two exactas for Paulie. His top jock, Robby Albarado had a win...but the top pick and value play did not win. PAULIE settles for second today with 28 points. 

Thus ends this sequence for the year for Handicapping Heroes. The handicappers will be back to provide picks for Keeneland in the spring. Check back we plan on doing a few things over the winter. 

A special thanks to Scott Harris and Archie Karel for providing their selections. Thanks to Spanky, the Bicker Picker, the Big L and Churchill Downs for their participation. Also, thanks to Crescent Hill Radio for airing the show. 

Link for 11/26/16 broadcast:  HANDICAPPING HEROES 11/26

We'll see ya in the spring with more handicapping! 


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