She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Gulfstream Results from 5/9/20

I went in a little different direction on Saturday and extended the number of races handicapped at a track that I haven't been playing much lately -- Gulfstream. 

The lure of the mandatory payout on the Rainbow Pick Six (races 7-12) was the draw an a lot of other people had the same idea. It was over $12 million dollars by the time the horses went to post in the seventh race. 

I'm sad to say I didn't "hit it". Two longshots jumped in the winners circle, in Race 8  and Race 12, that knocked me out of it. It looks like the Saturday final race madness that symbolized Oaklawn transferred to Gulfstream -- a 28-1 longshot took race 12. Still, some syndicates had all six and the payout was $31,476.56 on the .20 cent wager. I think they're were around 250 or so winning tickets. 

I saw where one "ticket" cost over $5,000. I sincerely hope it was a winner for the investor(s) who place that bet! 

On the day, I did OK, though, on selections. I ended up having 23 of the 24 selections I outlined yesterday break from the gate --with one scratch in Race 8. Out of those 23 runners, I had (4) winners, (3) seconds and (4) thirds. That's a 48% "in the money" percentage. When you figure there were 18 "paying" positions up for grabs, my 11 successful ones break down to a 61% success rate. 

I had two exactas that paid $23.30 and $16.40 on the $1 wager. I also had two trifectas -- paying $72.75 and $92.20.on the .50 cent wager. No Pick 3's or Pick 4's though.

On a $2 WPS wager on all 23 runners, the cost was $138. The return was $121.

My top pick in each race "hit the board" in five of the races. A $2 WPS on those six runners would have cost $36 and paid almost $50, so that was a bright spot. 

Race 7 Winner:  (5) Foolish Humor paid $9.20 to win
Race 8 Winner:  (7) Assertiko paid $25.40 to win
Race 9 Winner:  (6) Halliday paid $4.60 to win
Race 10 Winner: (6) Battle of Blenheim paid $4.40 to win
Race 11 Winner: (3) Tap It To Win paid $12.40 to win
Race 12 Winner: (4) Areyoutalkingtome paid $57.00 to win. 

No horse higher than the #7 position won yesterday. Irad Oriz, Jr. had two winners in the six races we handicapped. I heard he had four winners on the total card, so he had a fine day. 

So, a losing day in wagering but not a complete washout.

-- I tried the Pick 6 I outlined yesterday and that lost me $86.40.

--  I also did a .50 trifecta box on my four runners in each race. That cost a total of $72, (or $12 per race) but I got back $164.95, for a profit of $92.I substituted the #2 horse for the #8 horse in Race 8, because of the scratch -- but he didn't help the exacta or trifecta...he finished in third place.  (Shoulda picked the #7, right?) 

--  My final wager was a $1 exacta box on my top four horses in each race. That cost $72 (or $12 per race) also, but returned just $40, so I lost $32 there.

--  So, my total wagering outlay was $230 and I got back $205. A -$26.40 loss on the day 

Next week, Churchill Downs will probably have a card to consider, and we'll try the Late Pick 4, if they do. Other tracks are still debating a spring-summer meet, but I originally started the site to cover Kentucky racing, so I'm back to the original intent. 

See ya next Saturday.


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