She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Thursday Card at Churchill Selections

Someone came up with the questionable idea to call Thursday at Churchill Downs on Derby Week Thurby.


I get the premise. Thursday. Derby week. Thurby.

 Madam I'm Adam...where's my wine?

We were talking about the moniker yesterday. We also came up with some other possible 'Thurby' explanations:

- A cartoon character or mascot. Big, dumb and stupid. Like me.

- One of the calls my mockingbird makes in the back-yard. "Thurby...thruby...thurby".

- A young kid with no front teeth asking for a drink of water. "Dabby? I'm thurby!"

- What you get when you combine Thad and Herbie.

- A prospective field hockey recruit from a wealthy family. "Well, Thurby is considering Bucknell, Vassar, Brown and Yale as her college choices. Academics are so important when trying to become a doctor...and we ruled out state universities early on..."

OK. Stop it.

Thurby (ugh) is Louisville's Day at the races. Over 100,000 will jam their way into Churchill at $10 a head (or more) and watch 11 races. There are no stakes races today. Plenty of time for that on Friday and Saturday...

Paulie will be out there with Tommy Boy and possibly Mondo Vendo. I've done my handicapping and I'm ready to attack. Today, I'll try a few excatas, trifectas and maybe a PK3 or PK4 or two. The card is not all that impressive and the fields are short early. It'll be a good chance to see how the track is playing, though. Is it fast? Are speed horses winning? How about closers? Is the rail alive? These are a few things I'll be looking for. I've listed my top three picks for each race and a longshot special below them.  The top three are in no particular order...just post position...Good luck if you go, look me up (I'll be wandering around) and wager responsibly.


Metro Dreamer (1)
Gauntlet (2)
LA Freeway (7)
One Tango Charlie (6)


Hazard of Love (1)
Slick Pardoned Me (3)
Broome Street (5)
Pedrolino (2)


Little Willie (1)
Zak Benate (4)
Pocket Medal (7)
Reason To Believe (8)


Indian Red (2)
Column (6)
Seal Team Four (7)
Risky Asset (4)

Candy Crush (2)
Stella Cavallo (4)
Queen Daenebys (9)
Sylvan Light (6)


Wild Target (1)
Calmer Than You (4)
Doc Almon (5)
Montezuma Express (6)


Rack 'Em Carl (1)
Haldor (3)
Barry Shortpants (5)
This One's for Tony (8)


Utley (1)
Regally Ready (4)
Bradester (9)
Burn The Mortgage (7)


BackOff Buddy (2)
Caballo Del Cielo (5)
Justa Runner (3)
Mean Marine (7)


Jack Milton (2)
Joes Blazing (5)
Silver Freak (13)
Cozzetti (9)


Iron King (2)
Courtmaster (6)
Impassable Canyon (7)
Moon Back More (3)

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