She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

Sunday, April 29, 2018


The Handicappers were there for opening night at Churchill Downs Saturday and met with some successes in their handicapping predictions. They took down the late Pk 3 and had several exactas and trifectas as well. Guest handicapper David Levitch also did fairly well with his picks also. It was an exciting night and there were some longshots crossing the wire first and even a dead heat for first in the final race. Let's see how they did:

PAULIE had 15 runners go forth (with a scratch) in the sequence and gathered two winners, three seconds, two thirds. He also had two exactas and two trifectas. Not a bad effort, but his 24 points were the lowest total of the four handicappers on the evening.

DAVID LEVITCH gave us 16 horses to consider and correctly picked three wins, had three places and a show. He cashed in on two exactas, a trifecta and had the late pick 3. Some solid handicapping for David and a total of 26 points on the night

ARCHIE saw all 16 of his enter the starting gate and produced three winners, three "second-best" and three "bronze medal" finishes. Rack him up for two exactas, two trifectas and the late Pick 3. He actually ties for first place on the evening with a strong 31 points.

SCOTT had the same results as "the Arch" by getting three winners, three seconds, three thirds, two exactas, two trifectas and the late Pick 3 Interesting that he had the "4" horse in the final race (a dead heat) and Arch had the other "heater: the "3" which caused the tie between the two. Scott gains the tie for first with 31 points also. 

 A great opening night at the Twin Spires with exciting racing and a huge crowd. We're not big fans of the new parking situation that started last night and will be in effect through Derby...but, despite that, a good time was had at Churchill Downs oval. .

Next week we'll have bonus coverage here at the site with some Oaks and Derby Picks for those two days and our annual "Poll the People" broadcast where we ask the patrons who they like to win the Kentucky Derby. Don't miss it!


SCOTT      108
PAULIE     104
ARCHIE    99

To hear yesterday's broadcast, go to the link below



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