She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Handicapping Heroes -- Results for Kentucky Downs 9/9/17

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The Handicappers went after the challenging late Pick 4 at Kentucky Downs on Saturday and took it down. They also hit both Pick 3's in the sequence and had a good overall day.

On a day where the highest odds winner in the sequence was 9/2...the prices weren't "bombs"...but, as we say here...we can pick the winners but we can't get what we are going to get paid. 

Here's the breakdown: 

KRISTINA joined us for her first week with the Handicappers. She had 15 of her picks leave the gate (one scratched) and out of those --  eight hit the board. She had three winners, three seconds and two thirds. She also hit two exactas, a trifecta, a superfecta and the first Pick 3. Unfortunately, her best bet of the day (Mississippi Delta) didn't win, her value play of the sequence (Zulu Alpha) got scratched and her pick for top jock (James Graham) failed to win in the sequence. SHE ENDS UP WITH 31 POINTS IN HER MAIDEN RACE WITH THE HANDICAPPERS. 

SCOTT sent forth 16 runners and he had 10 of his return cashable tickets. He had three winners, three places and four shows. Give Scott two exactas, two trifectas, one superfecta and the early Pick 3. His best bet of the sequence (Muqtaser) ran third, his value play (Scatter Gun) did not hit the board, though and his pick for top jock (Joe Bravo) got shut out of any wins. SCOTT FINISHES THIRD ON THE DAY WITH 36 POINTS. 

ARCHIE provided 16 horses to consider and nine of his got paid. He ended up with three winners, three seconds and three thirds. Archie hit two exactas, two trifectas, a superfecta and also the early Pick 3 of the sequence. His best bet of the day (Miss Temple City) won for him. His value play (Bullards Alley) did not, though. Archie also had (Jose Ortiz) as his top jock and he drew a goose egg. ARCHIE FINISHES SECOND ON THE DAY WITH 45 POINTS

PAULIE prognosticated on 16 runners and 10 of his finished in the money. He had four winners, three places and three shows. He ended up with three exactas, three trifectas and a superfecta. Paulie had both of the Pick 3's in the sequence and also hit the Pick 4. His best bet of the sequence (Miss Temple City) got the win, his value play (Lull) won the eighth race and was a morning line odds of 5-1 before getting bet down to 3-1. His jockey of the sequence (Julian Leparoux) won the final race.  A VERY GOOD DAY FOR YOUR MODERATOR AND PAULIE GOES LAMAR JACKSON ON THE COMPETITION AND WINS WITH 80 POINTS. 

It's  plain, clear and simple. We give you winners here at Handicapping Heroes. We can't guarantee prices but if you are playing with're not tossing too many tickets away and making money. We put it out here free each week. 


PAULIE     560
ARCHIE    522
SCOTT    436

Paulie wins the Race to 500 and gets the Top Banana Award. They'll start up a new race to 500 next week and will probably handicap Churchill. The slate gets wiped clean. 



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