She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Churchill Downs -- HANDICAPPING HEROES results from 9/23/17

The Handicappers took on the middle Pick 4 at Churchill Downs (races 6 thru 9)  on the Saturday Night Downs After Dark racing card. Scott, Archie and Paulie tackled the races as Kristina McManigell has moved on to the Churchill Downs Racing Preview show at the track and is in the paddock giving out her picks for the September meet on the live feed broadcast at the track and on . Another HANDICAPPING HEROES alumni goes on to celebrity success! We're proud of her!  

Here's how the fellas did. They gave you both Pick 3's in the sequence and the Pick 4. They also tossed in three exactas and a trifecta! Let's break it down. 

ARCHIE had 14 runners leave the gate. He had (2) scratches in Race 9. Out of those, five hit the board. Arch had two winners and three seconds. He also had two exactas. His Best Bet (Tequilita) was scratched, his Value Play (Too Much Tip) was also scratched. His Jock of the Sequence (Brian Hernandez, Jr.) failed to get a win in the four races. ARCHIE ENDS THE DAY WITH 16 POINTS. 

SCOTT saw 15 of his picks start. He had a scratch in Race 9 also. Scott had six of his horses return payoffs.  Two winners, three seconds and a third for him. He also had two exactas. He and Arch had the same Best a scratch there. His Value Play (Gorse) finished out of the money and his top jock was also Hernandez, Jr. so no wins there. SCOTT COMES IN SECOND ON THE DAY WITH 17 POINTS. 

PAULIE had a very nice sequence. 15 went down the stretch for him...he had a scratch also in Race 9. Seven of his were in the top three. Four winners, two places and a show. Paulie hit two exactas and a trifecta. He also hit both of the Pick 3 sequences and the Pick 4. His Best Bet (Bingo Kitten) won Race 8 in a photo. His Value Play (Silver GTO) was out of the money. His Top Jock of the Sequence (Corey Lanerie) won Race 8. A HUGE DAY FOR THE PAULSTER AS HE WINS GOING AWAY WITH 54 POINTS!

Exactas, trifectas, Pick 3's, Pick 4's. Even Daily Doubles if you play those.  It's all right here at HANDICAPPING HEROES and it's all free! Just click on and read or listen to the weekly Saturday show. We're handing out money here...come get some! 


PAULIE -- 73
SCOTT  -- 60
ARCHIE -- 54

Here's the rebroadcast:


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