She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Churchill Downs Results for 5/27/17

The Handicappers took on the late Pick 4 at Churchill Downs yesterday and produced some pretty spectacular results. They gave you the Pick 4, plus both late Pick 3's, the exacta in each race plus three trifectas. On a day were the prices weren't exactly what we hoped for, the handicapping was, at least, satisfying and accurate. Let's see how the trio did. 

SCOTT HARRIS had all 16 of his runners go forth on the dirt and turf. Out of them eight hit the board. Give Scott three winners on the day, two seconds and two thirds. He also had two trifectas and two well as the late Pick 3. Although his value play and top jockey of the sequence did not score...he did produce on his Best Bet of the Day with Finley's Lucky Charm. Scott ends with a very respectable 39 points for the day.

ARCHIE KAREL had a scratch in Race 15 of his picks broke from the gate. Seven of them showed up in the payouts column. Arch had the winner in each race, a place and two shows. He delivered the Pick 4, both Pick 3's and a exacta. He, too had the Best Bet of the Day with Finley's Lucky Charm and his top jock of the sequence (Brian Hernandez, Jr) won twice in the four races. Archie grabs second place for the day with a nice 58 points.

PAULIE caught a few breaks on the card. He, too, had the scratch in the 15 of his went to the post. Out of them, nine returned a payout. He had all four winners, four second places and a third. Give him the exacta in all four races, a trifecta, both Pick 3's and the Pick 4. He, too, had the Best Bet of the Day with Finley's Lucky Charm and had Brian Hernandez, Jr as his best jockey of the sequence. Paulie takes the day with an impressive 72 points. 

If results are what you are looking for, look no further than Handicapping Heroes. The guys gave you a profit...despite the low each race and tossed in the Pick 3's and late Pick 4 as a little cherry on top of the sundae. We'll stack our results up against any Handicapper(s) out there...and the beauty of it's all free for you. All you have to do is come and get it. 

In the race to 500...Archie gets closer to the wire with a total of 448 points. Scott remains in second with 355 and Paulie narrowed the gap a bit and now has 337. 

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  1. What factor do you look at most in handicapping a race?

  2. Paulie here. For me, it's about the trainer/jockey combination first off. I look and see who the trainer is using on the horse. Has he ridden the horse before? If so, how did he do? If there is a change, I try to guess or figure out why? Did the trainer go to a "hot jock"?. Is the previous jock on another horse in the race or maybe at another track? Does the jock ride regularly for the trainer and how do they do as a team? Maybe a new barn for the horse?

    Hope this helps...



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