She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

Sunday, June 5, 2016

HANDICAPPING HEROES -- Update from Saturday 6/4/16 Selections


We kicked off the inaugural, stand alone broadcast of HANDICAPPING HEROES in fine fashion yesterday. Prognosticators Scott Harris and Archie Karel joined me in selecting races...we were hoping to get Spanky and Dave Bicker from the I'll Have Another gang on the show as well...but a phone malfunction (Spanky) and misplaced and eventually thrown away programs (Bicker) put them out of the show. We hope they'll be back next week. 

How'd the Heroes do? Here are Archie's results:

Race 8:  Archie gave us the winner Honorable Duty and place horse Flash Trading. 

Race 9:  Archie got a second place with Rivers Run Deep.

Race 10: Archie provided the winner Alsvid, place horse Limousine Liberal and show with Union Jackson !

Race 11. Archie was again successful with the winner Full Scope, place horse My Man Greyson and show with Between Satin Sheets

We give him a total score of 31 points based on the following scoring system. (3) for a winner, (2) for a place (1) for a show, (3) for a trifecta and (2) for an exacta. If you had placed a $2 wager on each horse he selected across the board you would have spent $90 and got back $86.10. His exacta and trifecta success, based on a $1 bet on each, returned $158.60 for $144 wagered. His total profit would have been $10.50

Based on fifteen selections and twelve possible chances to cash a ticket...nine of Archie's hit the board. That's 80% on the available payoffs and 60% on total picks. 

            *            *            *            *

Scott provided us with four races he liked also.   

Race 3: Scott gave us the winner in Indygobo and third place finisher with Right To Vote out of his four selections

Race 7: With his three selections, Scott covered the board with winner Daring Prospect, place Annathela and show Burma Road! 

Race 8: Scott stayed on fire as two of his three picks hit the board in winner Honorable Duty and runner up Flash Trading

Race 10: Scott provided three total picks here (one was scratched) and his two remaining selections ran second in Limousine Liberal and third with Union Jackson.

Scott finished with a total score of 23. What's most impressive is that out of the 12 horses he offered...10 hit the board for payoffs. That's a rocking 83% for total payoffs and selection success! 

$2 across the board on each of his picks would have cost you $72 and returned $75.10. Playing $1 exacta and $1 trifectas on his selections added up to $74 and paid out $87.60. His total profit ended up $16.70. 

In case you missed the broadcast, the link for the rebroadcast is below:


Don't miss next Saturday's show...we'll have three stakes races from Belmont...including the Belmont Stakes and the feature race of the day from Churchill Downs. Our broadcast will air at 11 a.m...since The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour will be off that week. 


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