She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

Sunday, June 19, 2016


Our Handicappers had a successful day in predicting the Churchill Downs races they chose yesterday. 

SCOTT HARRIS handicapped four races and gave us three winners, a place horse and two show horses in his 17 picks. He also handicapped an exacta winner and a Pick 3 score with his selections. We give him 17 total points on the day, based on the (3) points for a winner (2) for a place, (1) for a show and (2) for an exacta point system we have.

Also note he provided the Pick 3 for races 7,8, and 9. A $40 total wager returned a $145.90 payout for a .50 Pick 3. 

If you had put $2 on his selections to win, place and show, did a $1 exacta box on his picks and played a Pick 3 on his choices in races 7,8 and would have bet a total of $198 and gotten back $296.60. That's almost a $100 total profit and that's not back work at all! 

He was also 4 for 4 in the Pick Six with two races to go when I last checked with him last night. How that turned out, we'll find out next time we see him. The Pick Six paid $3622.36 on the 20 cent wager platform.

Somebody get a hose, the Scottster is on fire! 

ARCHIE KAREL also studied four races for us on the Churchill card. "The Arch" continued his winning us 14 horses and getting two winners, three second place horses, and two show horses! Toss in two exactas and a trifecta and he ends up with 23 total points. Hose down Archie, too...he's burning it up! 

Placing $2 across the board on his picks came to a total cost of $78 and got you back $89.40. Playing exactas on his selections came to $30 and returned $73.30. A nice profit on the day of $54.70.

The horse he liked as his bet bet of the day...Auntie Joy...won and paid $8.20, $4.80 and $3.20. That's $16.20 for $6 wagered and your host Paulie did it for $10 across...getting back a nice profit $51. 

In the points race...after three's close, close, close...with Scott holding a narrow 79-76 lead. 

The Handicapping you profitability at Churchill. 

The rebroadcast is available at the following link: 


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