She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

OK...I realize that i haven't been over to my personal website in awhile to comment and pontificate.

Life gets in the way sometimes. To catch up? Well, it could take grab a cup of coffee, find a comfy chair and hang on. This could take awhile.


Literally. You should have one once you reach 50. Men AND women. The day of preparation for a colonoscopy procedure is living hell. I recently had one. You make no plans for that prep day, you do not venture far from the "loo" and you drink tons of water and Gatorade...just to surrender it all back in a most egregious and stinking fashion.

Compounded to the misery of "let's roll to the bowl" right IT tendon has been acting up again...which slowed me down in terms of making the brisk walk to make a deposit.

I have found a alternative solution to the act of colon cleansing. Have four White Castles, an order of Onion rings and six spicy buffalo wings. Same result, for me, next morning, as taking the prep medication.

The procedure itself was a snap...compared to the pre-game. My doctor, however, jumped my frame and said that I had polyps. They were tested, they were benign...but there were enough of them for him to insist I come back in for a visit next year. There's also a tear in my colon wall. That's being dealt with much faster.

I had the chance to talk "shop" about colonoscopies with a friend at 80 Under 80 before the Saturday football game against NC State. I have no idea how we got on the subject...maybe it was because I was bar-tending and that's a real shitty job at the club....but he relayed his experiences of the multiple ones he had and how he almost died from colon cancer.

Go get it checked out, kids.

 End of the Dr. Paul segment.


One of the hardest things for me to do over at my other site...CARDINAL ask readers and listeners for donations. When I set the site up several years back...the intent was to provide an independent website for UofL women's athletics. As a 501 C non-profit.

The site is going well and the readership increases every month...but the monthly costs associated with doing it effectively have been a drain on our personal finances. We tried advertising as a way to create income. It failed. Being a veteran of the advertising game, I know full well the reluctance of businesses to spend money on advertising. The pressures and demands of advertisers in exchange for accepting money from them is something I hated dealing with.

So, we go with the donation aspect.

We do it as a break-even, cover costs scenario. I recently outlined to a reader the monthly costs involved in maintaining the site on a monthly basis. Most months, we are "in the red" and the funds still come out of my pocket. We recently ran a sponsor campaign to create income over at CARDINAL COUPLE and it gleaned enough gratefully appreciated contributions to give us a four-month "cushion" to pay the bills.

I dream of one well-backed financier coming to me someday...laying down a couple of thousand dollars and saying..."I hope this helps."

I haven't run across that individual yet.

It's the guys and gals who drop us a $20, or buy t-shirts that sustain us. I'm sure people get tired of seeing me plead for money over at CARDINAL COUPLE. I don't enjoy doing it. But, we keep in mind that we want to provide the best coverage we can as an independent website for UofL women's sports and rest assured that the monies we receive go to keep that mission statement and dream alive.

Consider helping us out.



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