She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Nothing like waking up and realizing the alarm failed to go off. Not user error, but a loss of power in our part of town early this morning.

Still dark, seeing the LED readout on the alarm clock out. Wondering what time it is and groping in the dark around the nightstand to find the cell phone. 

Who put that glass of water in my way? Spill on aisle four. 

Accessing the clock on the cell and realizing it's 30 minutes past the designated wake up call. Gently shaking the slumbering wife...with the terse information that she has 35 minutes before she's late for work. Having a bit more leeway in time, I assist her in the frantic duties of preparation. Lit candles, flashlights, battery operated radio and decisions on whether I should fire up the generator or not remind me of the loss of power a couple of winters ago. 

A phone call to our power company assures me the problem has been reported, it's not just us. "Crews are working on the problem and power will be restored safely as soon as possible." Thank goodness for that. Wouldn't want those folks taking any chances. 

Out the door she goes with a few minutes to spare. I realize that the coffee maker doesn't work without electricity and opt for the instant stuff and hot (kinda hot) tap water. 

We are such slaves to electricity. As I wait for the power to come back on, I think of all the things I take for granted each morning. Alarm, lights, toaster, coffeemaker, television, computer and stove...all at the whim of Louisville Gas and Electric.

I walk outside. The street looks barren and deserted. No street lights, no porch lights...nothing. I think about pioneer days and decide I probably wouldn't have been a great homesteader or farmer without these things I take for granted. 

I decide against the generator and sit on the back porch working the daily newspaper sudoku and crossword puzzle by candlelight. I walk back into the house for more instant coffee and then...with a few beeps, growls and whirs...power has returned to the property.  

Man goes without many things. Companionship, food, luxuries, recognition. Take his power away, though...and he is lost. 

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