She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

Sunday, July 1, 2018


The Handicappers did their best in taking on the late Pick 4 (races 9-12) on closing
day for the Spring Meet at Churchill Downs but were just short in taking it down.

They did come up with three winners in the four race sequence but race 10 stumped them
and none of them could come up with the winner (#9 CZ Rocket). A look back at his
past performances and running style indicates one of us at least should have given the horse,
trainer and jockey a bit of respect...but, as they say, hind-site is always 100% .

Some key scratches in races 9-11 really threw a wrench into the picks. That's horse-racing. If a horse can't go, you don't run him or her.

Still , a good day. Here's the numbers:

SPANKY'S guest appearance and picks had some ups and downs...but we appreciate him
filling in for Scott Harris...who we hope to have back soon. Spanky gave us (2) winners in
his selections and a show. SPANKY debuts with seven points. 

PAULIE went after the sequence with what he thought was a solid list of potential winners. Out of those who did run, he gathers (2) winners, (1) second and (2) shows. Once again, second best and PAULIE ended the day with ten points. 

ARCHIE explained his picks on the Handicapping Heroes broadcast and did hand out (3) winners in the final four races. He also had (1) place and (2) shows  and hit a nice exacta as well. He left the competition behind again and takes first places with 15 points.

Paulie also offered a few selections for Races 7 & 8...the first two in the mandatory Pick-Six payout. He, at least, got you off to a great start in the pick-six. Out of the eight runners he offered, he handed out the winners in each race, the second-place horses in each race and a show in Race 7. 


ARCHIE                  248
PAULIE                   217

With the end of the Spring Meet at Churchill, the Handicappers will now turn their attention to "soybean Downs" or, more correctly, Ellis Park. If there is a huge card elsewhere in the nation on the upcoming Saturdays, we will consider it and possibly do that instead of Ellis. 



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