She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

Sunday, August 28, 2016


archie karel hot streak continues on travers day! 

The handicappers took on the All-Stakes Pick 4 at Saratoga on Travers Day yesterday and had mixed results. THEY SUCCESSFULLY PREDICTED THE WINNERS in races 8,9 and 10...but we were all stumped in the 11th. when Bob Baffert lit up the tote board by going first and second with (oddly enough) the #1 and the #2. 

ARCHIE KAREL needed a bucket of water (maybe from the Saratoga lake) dumped on him after yesterday because....he was on fire! 

With a scratch of Marking in the 10th race...15 of his selections made it out of the starting gate. Out of those, 10 finished on the board. That's a smokin' 66.6%! He provided us with 3 winners, 4 second place runners and 3 show horses. In addition, his picks produced three exactas and two trifectas. One of the trifectas returned $271.00 on a $1 wager/box. If you had done a $1 exacta and $1 trifecta on his picks in the would have spent $144 dollars. You would have received $372.35 back. That's not a bad day at all! 

Give Mr. "Absolutely" a total of 32 points on the day. As they say in racing terminology...he was "much the best" yesterday. He poses with the real handicapper in the picture to the right....his lovely bride Tina. Bruno was unavailable for the photo...


SCOTT HARRIS...who was at Saratoga and firing away didn't quite have the same success. 15 of his made it around the turn but only five of them made it up on the official results toteboard. 33% for the travelling man. 

Scott had three winners, a place and a show. He handed out an exacta and trifecta. He ended up with 17 points. 

Scott (pictured left) is either at Woodstock or Saratoga. There is a rumor beverages might have been involved. 

PAULIE gave you four horses he thought might win. Two of them did in Flintshire and A.P. Indian. The other two are still out there somewhere...probably at the snack bar or beer tent.

In the overall points race, Archie continues to close the gap. Scott has amassed at total of 305 points. Archie is now at 292. Scott may need to go to the whip because Archie is gaining on the outside. 



We don't know if Scott made a trip in the Travers canoe or not while he was in Saratoga Springs...but it's pretty clear that Archie sunk his boat yesterday...


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