She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

Friday, February 14, 2014

Ticket exchange no more...Paulie retakes the floor

OK...we gave it a try. The ticket exchange forum we set up here and ran for two months got no action.

So, I'm returning my personal site to its original intent and purpose...the occasional rantings and observations from a dashingly handsome and oft misunderstood veteran of the psychic wars and industrial age.

It happens to be Valentines Day. As for Sonja and I, it's pretty much like any other day in the week. She's already gone to work this morning. When the schools are closed, my dear goes to early shift.

As for me, it's a later shift at the old asylum. Normally I am off on Fridays...but a schedule swap with one of the inmates this week and next week have me pulling a 1pm -9:30 pm shift the next two Fridays and taking Saturday and Sunday off.

This does not bother me in the least. Today will be a busy day...a few chores and banking items to handle, then down to the Belknap Campus to record the words of Walz and get observations from lacrosse coach Kellie Young. After that, lunch with a friend (yes, I still have a few of those) and then off to the gold mines.

I enjoy doing interviews with all the womens' coaches at UofL...each is unique in their own way and always a lot of fun. Walz and Young are always great...Jeff with his detailed and quite candid observations before we turn the digital voice recording device on and Kellie paitently handling my sometimes bumbling questions about this sport I am learning and also bringing in a occasional player so we can transcend into the world of daffiness and comedy.

I do not subscribe to the commercialism of Valentines Day. I haven't for some time. I'm secure in the fact that I know I love my sweetheart 365 days a year and she (I'm fairly sure) has the same feelings for me.

Plus we have two birthdays and an anniversary coming up over the next two weeks. My birthday is no big thing to me was a time, once, when I could share it with those who were responsible for my entrance into the ma and pa. They're gone now, I get older each year and my birthday just isn't an event I go out to celebrate with abandon. There was a time, though...(smirk, chuckle..)

Our anniversary is a big deal, though...because it symbolizes a relationship that very few gave a chance of surviving. I actually had friends (at the time) try to talk me out of it. I was going nowhere in a nothing job and strapped for money. I had huge obligations and had recently gone through probably the most traumatizing event in my (at that time) young life.

The early years, as in many relationships, were tough at times. There were conflicts, different viewpoints, arguments and sometimes tears and bitter words. It never really got to the point of looking at separation or termination of the union, though. There was compromise, give-and-take and eventually the rough spots got smoothed out. We worked at it. We "got the hang" of each other and found it easier to forgive than fight.

I can only show my unwavering admiration and love for this woman of mine who took on these damaged goods that had some serious issues and responsibilities at the time. She never wavered in her support, loyalty and acceptance.

When I look back at those early years...I'd like to go back and change some things. I guess we all have 20/20 hindsight...

But, it is the here and now. I don't have much to complain about. I'm far from being a millionaire...but I'm not huddled in a box down by the river, have a family that loves me and my health is good. I awake each day ready for the excitement, tribulations, events and circumstances that await the 16-18 hours I'm in a non-sleep pattern.

I realize that I'm way past the halfway point in the average male life expectancy. I ignore it. I've created a life that has so many rich, rewarding, sad, revealing and funny story lines that I can recall and share with either the participants or new-found friends. Life is changing, ever-evolving and limited. Events and circumstances are inevitable, it's how you deal with them that shapes you. If you can give it your best over that 24 hour stretch, walk away unscathed and still fighting...than it's been a good day.

Someone said that if you can laugh, love and learn each day, than it's been quite a full day for you. I agree.

And there are more to come.


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