She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

Thursday, May 2, 2013


So...I decided to go to the track on Wednesday. Already been told that the job I love is ending June 28th,...unless I want to move to MEMPHIS. That isn't happening. I make the wife breakfast, I'm off the rest of the week anyway..

I decide to go to see the "boys" at Churchill.

The "boys" know how to handicap. I can't say I add much. The "boys" like me. I like them. We handicap together when we can. Eight of us were together today. We are about twelve strong at times. We go with what we have. They give me a hard time, because I'm not as regular as some of the boys. We get around it. I'm "Paulie" in this group. We have fun. We are what we are. No homophobia, preferences or prejudices here. We like the ponies. That's all that matters.

We're playing Churchill on a Wednesday. We handicap, we do OK, we're a little bit ahead after seven races. We've been upset by a few longshots at Churchill. It happens.

We re-adjust. There is a pick 4 left. Starting in the 8th race. We go to work. It is complicated. We are deep in each "leg". We talk about how much we want to spend. We decide on an amount. It is a $2 wager. It is expensive. We agree on it and toss our cash in. It wasn't gleeful .We're out a chunk of change each. We are well covered, though.

Beers and beverages are purchased. We watch the 8th. race. We are deep in horses here. We get lucky. A 13-1 shot that we've included wins. MY MISS MARY. We are alive with three races to go. We talk about a late pick three as a group and decide against a group. A couple of guys decide to do it. We wish them luck.

The beers are flowing. I am having fun. Trying to keep up. I see a race at Belmont. I like the price on the #1 horse...Jaguar Pew. Javier Castellano is on board. I like him. I like 9-1 also. I have a voucher for !52.00. I go to window. I put $50 across on him. Yep, the beers are talking. I figure that the worst that could happen is I get back to about even.

He wins.

Easily down the stretch. Going away.

$21.20 to win. $7.70 to place and $3.40 to show.

I've just made my day. I am ahead. Huge. And, pretty excited.

We win the second leg of the pick 4., We should have. We had six horses. We get a nice pay from Affair toward the pick 4. We are still alive.

I run into some friends from high school after that. ..while headed to the men's room. We chat. We chat for awhile. I  go back to the table in time to see we've won the 9th. race. Star Struck pays $9.60 to win.

We are still alive.

I answer phone calls and texts before the final race. I am excited. We have four horses. I suggested the #7 horse, Pure Value, when we put the combo together.

He wins. At 6-1.

We are giddy. The pick 4 pays $12,690 on a $2 wager. We have it.

We have one of the guys who is "on file" with the track for tax purposes go cash it. No taxes taken out. We get paid and go to a trendy east-end restaurant and eat and drink champagne. We leave a nice tip.

I finally go home. I take a cab. No condition to drive.  The cabbie was cool. He even was a UofL fan. Even been to WBB games in hoops. Likes Shoni and Shelby. Will be back next year. I think I told him to look me up on media row.


Perfect. He got a good tip. I know where my car is.

I need to go get the car today. I will. Sonja, bemused and incredulous...will take me there. just comes together. Will it last through Thursday, Friday and Saturday?

Who knows?

But, it's been fun and good so far....this Derby Week. My head hurts and I'm up and out of bed and on here way too early. I need  to check the Cardinal Couple website. I hope like hell I don't have to do an article...bail me out, Jeff.

Wow. What a day...



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