Sunday, July 9, 2017

Handicapping Heroes -- Results from 7/8/17

The Handicappers took on the late pick 4 from Stars and Stripes Day at Belmont RaceCourse yesterday and found a lot of success. The guys provided the Pick 4, both Pick 3's in the all four exactas, two trifectas and a superfecta. Here's the breakdown: 

SCOTT gave us 16 horses to consider in the four races and all went forth.  He had nine of those finish in the money. Three winners, four seconds and two thirds. He also provided three exactas and a trifecta. Although his best bet (Shaman Ghost) fell short and value play (Bold Recall) did not get to the wire in time...his top jockey (Javier Castellano) did win a race. SCOTT ENDS WITH AN EFFICIENT 38 POINTS ON THE DAY. 

ARCHIE also had 16 try the surface and also had nine provide a payout. He picked all four winners, had three places and two shows. The Pick 4, both pick 3's, two trifectas, three exactas all under his selection guidance. Unfortunately, his best bet (Shaman Ghost) ran second, his value play (Arklow) is still running and top jock (Johnny Velazquez) did not pick up a win. ARCHIE HAS A NICE DAY TO FINISH SECOND AND PICKS UP 42 POINTS. 

PAULIE participated with 16 runners. Out of them, nine made the tote board. He also had all four winners, three seconds and two shows. Count him in all the Pick 4, both pick 3's, a superfecta in Rqce 8 (8-12-7-11), two trifectas and three exactas. Shaman Ghost failed as my best bet (although credit to Keen Ice for a nice stretch run). Whitecliffsofdover didn't develop as my value play but Javier Castellano did get me one win. PAULIE WINS FOR THE SECOND STRAIGHT WEEK WITH 56 POINTS. 

We make you money and don't charge you for the information. Crazy, right? 

I had a nice last Saturday betting the "pea patch" at Ellis and decided to experiment with my winnings. Yesterday, based on my picks,  I: 

- bet $1 on each exacta (12x4) = $48
- bet $1 on each trifecta (24x4) = $96
- bet $1 on each Pick 3 (4x4x4) $64  (twice for $128) 
- bet a 50 cent Pick 4 (4x4x4x4 divided in half for $144
- bet $10 to win on my best best
- bet $10 to win on my value play
-bet $10 to win on Castelllano in each of the four races. = $40.

A total of $476...which may be a bit out of the reach of some who visit the site. Let's look at the returns, though....which totalled $650. 

The Overall Standings: 

Paulie 188
Arch 127
Scott 126


  1. Great show! I follow you guys each week and showed a profit at Churchill and doing well on the year. One question. If you are leading the way, why do you get so little airtime, Paulie?

    Scott goes on too much about irrelevant stuff. jmo.


  2. in all fairness, my role here is, first and foremost, to moderate these guys and their picks. And, they did much better than I in the first race to 500. I've been lucky lately and I'll take it. I'm satisfied with the show format and the detailed explanations that they put into their picks. zI don't see the need to change that.

    Thanks for reading, listening and commenting!



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