She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Handicapping Heroes -- Results from 7/29/17 and a look at the Haskell

The Handicappers took on the late Pick 4 at Saratoga yesterday and didn't do too badly at all...coming up with three of the four winners of the sequence at the "graveyard of favorites" . None of us could come up with the winner of the ninth race...the Bowling Green Stakes...a 16-1 shot in Hunter O' Riley but it wasn't a bad day overall. Let's see how the fellas did.

ARCHIE gave us 16 horses he hoped would run well. With the scratch of AP INDIAN in the 8th race, the handicappers had the option of substituting a horse, since all three had this one in their selections. Paul and Archie chose to add a horse, Scott did not. Out of Archie's runners, nine hit the board. He had two winners, three seconds and four thirds. Also an exacta and trifecta. Although his best bet and value play failed to win...he did have his top jock Javier Castellano win a race for him. ARCHIE finishes the day with a very respectable 31 points. 

SCOTT had 15 runners break from the gate. Nine of those got paid for him. Three winners, two places and four shows for the pool shark. Add in an exacta and trifecta as well for him. Neither his best bet nor value play won...but he also had Castellano as his top jock of the sequence. SCOTT finishes second on the day with 32 points. 

PAULIE also gave you 16 mounts to consider. Nine of his were cashable tickets. Three winners, three places and three shows for the Paulster. He also had an exacta and trifecta scores. His best bet and value play were beaten...but he, too, had Castellano as his top jock. PAULIE barely wins the day with 33 points. 

Sometimes, just one big hit can make the day and that was the case in Race 10 for Paulie...where he hit a $145 exacta and $355 trifecta (based on $2 wager) when Good Samaritan and Giuseppe The Great ran by the Derby winner (Always Dreaming) and Preakness champ (Cloud Computing) to create a nice payday. Although the top two weren't his top two picks...he used them to fill out the exacta and trifecta and got a nice payout surprise. Never be afraid to take a chance when formulating those types of tickets. Favorites don't win every race...especially at Saratoga.

Another example is the "Grand Slam". Paulie caught that twice paid $90.50 for a $1 wager. Paulie plays it with two runners in the first three races and the"all" button in the final.  $181 total winnings on a $45 ticket. Why Churchill and the Kentucky tracks do not add this wager to their offerings is beyond me. Currently, the New York tracks are the only ones that offer it. The objective is to pick horses to come in at least third in the first three races of the sequence and the winner of the fourth leg.

The Pick the way...paid $4667. The "all" button in the 9th Race would have been smart here, right?

IN THE CUMULATIVE points race:

PAULIE -- 282
ARCHIE -- 260
SCOTT -- 219


I don't like playing Monmouth Race Curse ( I call it curse because that's usually what I end up doing when I bet there...) as a rule but they're offering the $1 million Haskell Invitational Stakes this I'll take a chance. I'm not going for the Pick 4 there...but will try a pick three. Here's the build....starting in Race 10. It's a 50 cent wager, so I'll go deep...

I've invited the boys to join me...we'll see if they respond.


5 - Mo'Green
3 - Eskenformoney
2 - Carrumba
6 - Money's on Charlotte


2 - Miss Temple City
3 - War Flag
4 - Quiet Kitten
1 - Wekeela


1 - Irish War Cry
7 - Girvin
5 - McCracken
3 - Timeline

If you want to short that $32 ticket I've proposed...Miss Temple City in the 11th looks pretty much like she'll romp against these you could "shorten and single" there...I don't love her that much...

Good luck all.

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