Saturday, July 15, 2017

Handicapping Heroes -- Results from 7-15-17

The Handicappers took on the very challenging late Pick 4 at Ellis Park on Saturday. Although they weren't able to win the sequence with their picks...they did have some very good results in the first three races of the sequence. None of us had the foresight to pick the 17-1 winner in Race was still a good selection day. Watching a front runner that you have in your picks getting nipped at the wire is tough...but it's happened to all of us.

SCOTT gave us 16 horses to consider and out of those 15 broke from the gate. All three of the handicappers had 1A Babe Raham Jan in their picks in the ninth race...but the horse was scratched shortly before the start.  Seven of his made money...he had three wins, three seconds and a third. Give Scott two exactas and the early Pick 3 on the sequence. Although his value play and top jock failed to win, he did score with BIG IRON in the seventh race as his best best. GIVE SCOTT 33 points on the day. 

PAULIE had 15 of his 16 start. Seven of his were cashable tickets at the window. Three winners, two seconds and two thirds over the sequence. One exacta and the early Pick 3 for Paulie also. His best bet UNITED STAND won the sixth race and his top jockey in the sequence Channing Hill had a win also. His value play did not fare too well, though. PAULIE finished the day with 40 points. 

ARCHIE also had 15 of his 16 selections gobble up dirt. Seven of his got you paid. Three wins, two seconds and two thirds for him. He also had the early Pick 3, an exacta and a trifecta in race 6. Archie scored on his best bet of the day BONNIE ARCH and his value play BIG IRON. Although his jockey for the day Manny Cruz failed to win in the sequence...ARCHIE TAKES THE DAY WITH 44 points. 

As Scott will tell you...we can't pick our prices, just the winners. And we provided plenty of those. It was a day where favorites were doing well late and that'll happen sometimes...but a win is a win...regardless of the odds. It just means a lot of people agreed with you.

WE love to see our higher priced horse selections win each race obviously, but studies show that favorites do win about 1/3 of the time. That does leave you with 2 out of 3 chances to catch a price and that's hat we try to give you here at Handicapping Heroes.

You can hear a rebroadcast of Saturday's show at the link below: It went long and if anyone can come up with an idea to keep these guys to 10 minutes or less in their segments....e-mail me at

That e-mail is good for any questions you might have for us also.



Paulie 227
Archie 171
Scott 166


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