Sunday, August 6, 2017

Handicapping Heroes -- Results from 8/5/17

The Handicappers took on the challenging late Pick 4 at Saratoga and, although they did not take it down, they did quite well in picking horses that finished in the money. The downfall for all the guys came in Race 10...when none of them came up with morning line 15-1 winner THUNDERING SKY...out of the George Weaver barn and ridden by Rajiv Maragh. A scratch of the #2 SASSY LITTLE LILA (who all three picked) sent the handicappers scrambling for a replacement horse...but none of them came up with the eventual winner. Saratoga proved once again that it is the "graveyard of favorites"...with only two of the four favorites in the sequence getting home first. Let's see how the guys did!

SCOTT HARRIS gave us 16 runners to look at and out of those...eight made the payoff board. He had three winners, three seconds and two thirds. He also picked two exactas and a trifecta. His best bet (GUN RUNNER) did hit the line first, but his value play (TEQUILITA)  ran third in the 8th race and his top jock of the sequence (LUIS SAEZ) did not win in the sequence. SCOTT FINISHES THE DAY WITH 34 POINTS.

ARCHIE KAREL picked 16 horses in his handicapping efforts and nine of his finished in the money. Archie had three winners, three seconds and three thirds. He also had two exactas and two trifectas. His bet bet of the day (NEOLITHIC) did win the 11th. race but his value play (WAR STORY) was fourth in the Whitney. He did have top jock JOHN VELAZQUEZ get a win for him in the final race. ARCHIE ENDS THE DAY IN SECOND WITH 48 POINTS.

PAULIE also provided 16 to consider and 11 of his returned money at the window. He had three winners, four places and four shows. Give Paulie three exactas and two trifectas also. His best bet (NEOLITHIC) won but his value play (TU BRUTUS) must have taken a side trip to the Spa infield for a beer and dog. His top jock (JOSE ORTIZ) came through in the 8th race for a win. PAULIE TAKES THE DAY WITH 52 POINTS. 

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in the overall standings: 

PAULIE -- 334
ARCHIE -- 308
SCOTT  -- 253

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