She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

Sunday, September 4, 2016


The Handicappers took on the first day of Kentucky Downs and the four stakes races that were 7-10. They had a few success in diagnosing the full fields and tough competition. 

SCOTT HARRIS gave us 16 horses that he thought might return money. Out of those, six hit the board for a 37.5% success rate. When you look at (12) total spots for payment actually available and the best he could have done being 12 for 16...that is 50% in the money spots available. He had (2) winners, (2) second place runners and (2) shows. In addition, he picked (2) exactas. 

GIVE SCOTT 16 points for the day.

( Could this possibly be a picture of Scott trying to convince one of the entries to run well for him so he can maintain the points lead and capture the day? ) 

ARCHIE KAREL didn't quite mirror Scott's success. Out of his 16 picks, only five returned a payout. The Arch ends with a 31% success rate. Out of those, he had (1) winner, (2) place and (2) show finishes. No exactas for him.

HE GETS A TOTAL OF 7 points for Saturday.

( We see Archie here with lovely mate Tina celebrating on their 27th anniversary.. This is moments after Archie mortgaged the house to place show bets on all his picks and realized that he hadn't paid the restaurant bill yet...) 

PAULIE provided four horses he thought might win. None of them did...I had (2) seconds and (2) thirds. A perfect example of why I am NOT in the points battle with these guys. 


In the overall points totals, Scott stands at 321. Archie at 299. 


You can hear a replay of the show at the link below. Due to a technical glitch at the studios, only Scott's portion of the show was actually heard live. The staff and management of WCHQ 100.9 Crescent Hill Radio apologizes for this communication breakdown...and Archie segment has been added to the archives and this clip. (We stress that the show is for "entertainment purposes" only. Maybe the digital processor heard Archie's picks and decided they were pretty sad and deleted them....machines, meh.) 



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