She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

Sunday, June 10, 2018


The Handicappers tackled the Pick 4 at Belmont (races 8-11) that ended with the Belmont Stakes on Saturday and had a good showing. They gave you the winners in three of the four races...the 10th race stumped the boys with the #13 winning...but it was a good effort that was capped by Justify leading wire-to-wire to remain undefeated and capturing the Triple Crown. David Levitch filled in for Scott Harris and did well in his second visit with us. Let's look at the totals:

PAULIE offered sixteen horses in the four races and ended up with three winners, one second and two thirds. He also gave you one exacta. Not the best performance for "the big guy" but some days they just don't fire. PAULIE PLODS HOME WITH 15 POINTS. 

DAVID detailed sixteen horses he likes and of those, he got three winners, two places and three shows. He also nailed an exacta. DAVID GRABS SECOND PLACE IN THE POINTS TOTAL WITH 18. 

ARCHIE saw his sixteen picks break from the gate and predicted a total of three winners, two seconds and two thirds. He also gathered two exactas and a trifecta. ARCHIE TAKES THE WIN WITH 22 POINTS. 

People approach playing the Pick 4 in many different ways. Yesterday, I heard of a couple of successful ways people used to nail the $639.25 payout on the 50 cent wager. The 10th race was a toss up in the eyes of some and hitting the "all" button for it worked for a couple of guys...the winner went off at 18-1 odds and, in the words of one lucky winner...

"I singled Justify in the 11th race, took 'em all in the 10th, picked out two horses I liked in the 9th and played the Ortiz brothers in the 8th (who ran first and third) to create a $26 ticket."

Another approach that was successful involved jockeys. "Bill Walker" (it's what we'll call him to guard his identity) explains his winning theory:

"I had Mike Smith and the Ortiz's in every race they rode in. I also tossed in Julian Leparoux, Edgar Prado, John Velaquez and Ricardo Santana, Jr. each time they rode. They're my favorite jockeys. My ticket was an expensive one ($90) but I cashed!"

Horse race handicapping. People approach it in many ways.


( we are combining David's results with Scott's cumulative results today...since Scott was unable to participate.) 

ARCHIE                 206
PAULIE                  199
SCOTT/DAVID      187

You can hear Saturday's show at the link below:


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