She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Results from 10/22 -- HANDICAPPING HEROES

The Handicapper took on the late pick four at Keeneland yesterday and added Paulie into the mix. Bad idea...he stole their lunch and drank their beverage in a impressive win over the regulars. 

For hunch bets based on names, late entries, early morning mischief, late night telephone calls, references to the civil war, Jewish cowboys, old sit-coms and casual cocktails in a orient harbor with a New Orleans lady with cool moves...proceed to the next paragraph.. 

The bartending crew prepares for Handicapping Heroes arrival
SCOTT HARRIS (who will be limited to 14 minutes maximum hereafter) gave us 16 runners he hoped would return money. Out of those...six hit the board, for a 37.5% in the money success rate. Scott had two winner, two seconds and two thirds. No exactas or trifectas for the Portland Powerhouse. Neither his best best of the day nor his value play paid off...but his top jock of the sequence (Julian Leparoux -- and all the fellas went with Leparoux as their top jock) did win a race. GIVE SCOTT 22 points on the day. 

ARCHIE KAREL (who was limited to a scant nine minutes and whined and pouted like a kid who had just dropped his lollipop in the sand) also offered 16 horses he hoped might get financial returns. Five of the him a 31% in the money. The best any of us can hope for in these "in the money" stats is 75%...since you're making 16 picks and only 12 sports pay out in four races. Sufficiently confused yet? Good! We'll move on. Archie had one winner, two places and two shows in the four races. No exactas nor trifectas, no best bet of the day or value play success bit did have Leparoux as top jock. Give the buttered bread boy 19 points for his efforts.

When the Handicappers get's usually expensive
PAULIE jumped into the fray when it looked like Archie might be on a "bye" week. ( He got his picks provided in a mere 1:48 on the show. ) Out of the sixteen he tossed the audience...six got a cashable ticket. Three wins, a place and two shows for the fireball from Fern Creek. One exacta, too...that paid an awesome $139.00 on a $1 payout. No trifectas, no best bet success but his value play (Ami's Holiday in the 8th) won at 8-1 odds and he also had Leparoux as his top jock.

PAULIE WINS THE BATTLE WITH 34 points. He also gave you 43-1 longshot winner Archanova in the seventh race. 


Consider these angles (and I hope you had them) 

Up to no good, in many aspects...the I'll Have Another Gang. 
1)  If you had played Paulie and Scott's picks in the late pick four it would have cost you a huge total of $525. Your return, though, would have been $5871.40 (Sadly, we didn't play it together.) 

2) Paulie handed you the Pk 3 for races 7,8, and 9. I paid $32 to wager it. I got back a return of $3721.75. and that was on a 50 cent ticket...(Hello, IRS...)

3) If you had played Paulie entire selection docket ($2 WPS, $1 exactas, 50 cent trifectas, 50 cent pick threes and pick fours) would would have had to layout a total of $528. Your return would have been. $4047.55. 

In addition, Paulie handicapped the rest of the cards and woud have had the winners in races 2,3,4 and 6 using his four-horse method. 

Days like this don't come around very quote Scott appreciate and be thankful for them when they do.


Probably the best handicapper in the room. 
In the race for the title....Scott increased his lead over Archie. The totals: Scott 110 - Archie 95. 

For  replay of the show, go to: 



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