She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

She's a Handicapper now..and I'm saying "Champagne, Anyone?"

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sometimes the needs of the many...

It's an old quote from one of the Star Trek movies.

"Sometimes the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few...or the one. "

Spock said it to Kirk as he was dying in the radiator room. 

And so, life goes. After a great deal of thought and deliberation, I've decided to leave my full time job and care for my mother-in-law. It will benefit her, my poor, beleaguered wife and our immediate family. 

I leave behind a job that, in all reality, has turned into the worst I have ever had. Consumer relations started out to be OK, but departmental changes and policy, re-direction of duties and assignment have turned it into a nightmare. 

It's pretty bad when you dread walking through those doors for another eight hours. 

My needs are being served here as well. 

The monetary loss will affect us but it is the sacrifice needed. The department I work in is already understaffed, overworked and disillusioned. I regret leaving them but once again...

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few...or the one. 

I will still remain just as active in the Cardinal Couple website, radio show and UofL sports. Maybe more so...but the time has come for a change in the other aspect of what I do.

I worked 40+ hours a week when both my mother and father passed away.

I'm not going to do that again. 


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